Warren: 'Chicken' Trump Knows He 'Got Spanked in that First Debate'

Warren: 'Chicken' Trump Knows He 'Got Spanked in that First Debate'

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Monday on the nationally syndicated talk show “The Real” that President Donald Trump declined to participate in a second debate with former Vice President Joe Biden because he is a “chicken.”

Warren said, “You said you think that’s the reason Trump canceled is because he had COVID. I don’t know. I don’t have any inside information.”

“But I got to tell you, my first thought, ” Warren made a clucking sound adding, “you know, a total chicken.”

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She continued, “He knows that he just got spanked in that first debate. And he got out there, and he blustered, and he strutted around. And a lot of Americans who might’ve been on the fence, who might’ve supported him the last time around, said, ‘I’m done with this guy.’ So I think that is the main reason he didn’t show up.”

She added, “I think right now he’d

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