Warning: “Watch Out” For Bitcoin “Bulldozer” When Volume Expands

Warning: “Watch Out” For Bitcoin “Bulldozer” When Volume Expands

Volatility is finally increasing after a return to historical lows, but volume has yet to follow. When it does, however, one crypto trader says to “watch out” for the “bulldozer” that will be Bitcoin after a breakout supported by volume expansion.

Here’s a look at the last time volume contracted this much, and what to potentially expect across the coming crypto market price action when volume finally arrives.

Trader Joel Olszewicz Warns Bitcoin Bulldozer Is Coming

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The cryptocurrency market is known for its extreme price volatility that makes holding a wild rollercoaster ride. One price gets going, it can act like a runaway freight train, or as crypto trader Joel Olszewicz says a “bulldozer” when supported by volume.

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Bitcoin is currently experiencing its second-largest volume contraction of the year, with the previous one resulting in an over 30% rise from $9,000 to over

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