War Monuments Attacked Over Memorial Day Weekend

War Monuments Attacked Over Memorial Day Weekend

Two war monuments located in Oregon and Rhode Island were vandalized over Memorial Day Weekend.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial located at Skinner Butte Park in Lane County, Oregon was spray-painted with the phrase “I refuse to glorify imperialism,” as reported by a CBS affiliate in the area. Law enforcement waited until Tuesday to clean the monument in order to not “disrupt flags” put there for the federal holiday, and were called prior to war veterans showing up at the location for festivities on Memorial Day.

“Portland gets the most attention for destructive anti-American activity, but these extremists are all over our state,” Dru Draper, communications director for the Oregon Senate GOP, told The Federalist. “These heroes gave everything for our freedom – even for those who defaced this memorial for veterans. That is the difference between real patriotism and immature extremism.”

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The Providence War Memorial in Rhode Island was likewise targeted over the holiday weekend. Black spray

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