WaPo Smears Penny Nance As ‘Superspreader’ Despite Testing Negative

WaPo Smears Penny Nance As ‘Superspreader’ Despite Testing Negative

The Washington Post printed a story Friday implying that Penny Nance, president of the conservative group Concerned Women for America, is potentially spreading COVID-19 as she travels the country promoting Judge Amy Coney Barrett and advocating for her confirmation.

Nance was in attendance at Barrett’s nomination in the Rose Garden at the White House in late September after which President Donald Trump and almost a dozen others tested positive for the virus.

The Post reports that Nance was “seated in the Rose Garden audience — just feet away” from those who tested positive but did not quarantine.

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“But instead of isolating herself at home in Washington, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the conservative activist is traveling the country. Since Wednesday, she has been boosting Barrett from a pastel pink bus bearing the nominee’s face and the words ‘Women For Amy’ as it makes its way through a dozen swing states this month,” the

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