WaPo: Joe Biden ‘Guilty of Profound Injustice’ for Pushing Abortion

WaPo: Joe Biden ‘Guilty of Profound Injustice’ for Pushing Abortion

The Washington Post has published an unexpected op-ed criticizing Joe Biden for not taking Catholic teaching on abortion seriously.

Thursday’s essay, written by Ramesh Ponnuru and Robert P. George, asserts that abortion is not wrong because the Church says it is wrong, but because taking the life of a human being is fundamentally unjust.

It “is science, not any catechism, that teaches us that at conception a new and distinct member of the species homo sapiens comes to be,” the authors observe. “What the Catholic Church adds is that we have a solemn obligation to do what we can to see to it that justice is done to all human beings — including those at the earliest developmental stages.”

Catholicism is quite “capacious,” the op-ed contends, and allows for a diversity of opinions and approaches to a number of issues, such as how to regulate immigration, how to combat poverty,

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