WaPo: House Democrats Consider Masking Whistleblower’s Identity


Seemingly in reaction to President Trump’s demand to meet his accuser, House Dems are now weighing their options when it comes to masking the whistleblower’s identity.

The House Dems are considering going to great lengths, like using technology to obscure the whistleblower’s face and voice, in order to secure his testimony.

It’s already been alleged by Byron York that the whistleblower was professionally tied to a 2020 Democrat candidate.

You’ve gotta ask: what are the Dems trying to hide from the public here?

House Dems are considering a remote location for whistleblower’s testimony and possibly obscuring his appearance and voice — “extraordinary moves to prevent Trump’s congressional allies from revealing the identity,” WaPo reports.https://t.co/AUVGpgdFsV

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) October 7, 2019

According to WaPo, Democrats are weighing new precautions to keep the whistleblower’s identity secret, given the president’s comments about the person.

Paul Butler, fmr. federal prosecutor: “There are legitimate concerns about the whistleblower’s

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