WALSH: ABC And CBS Just Colluded To Fire A Whistleblower. The Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking.


Remember this the next time you hear someone in the media fret about “protecting whistleblowers.” After footage leaked of an ABC reporter complaining about higher-ups killing her Jeffrey Epstein story and preventing her from reporting on it for three years, ABC set out to find the person responsible for the leak. Reportedly, they did find the culprit. The person now works at CBS. According to journalist Yashar Ali, that person has now been fired. Page Six adds that the staffer is a female.

To review: A woman at ABC discovered that the network was protecting a serial rapist and sex trafficker. She blew the whistle on the scandal and left the company. ABC then tracked the woman down and enlisted CBS to fire her on its behalf. Both of these networks, who colluded to punish a whistleblower, have spent the last many months and years breathlessly extolling the virtues of whistleblowing and the evils of collusion.

Remember what Amy

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