Walmart Caves On ‘All Lives Matter’ Merchandise

Walmart Caves On ‘All Lives Matter’ Merchandise

There are three words that companies can no longer imprint, emboss or otherwise communicate when selling products on, the retail giant announced Tuesday.

Those words are “all lives matter.”

In a statement reproduced by WTVD-TV, Walmart said it has no real objection to the concept, it’s just when it comes to printing the phrase on T-shirts, mugs and other items that the company gets squeamish. Walmart had been taking heat from some consumers over the array of items that bore the phrase.

Hey, @Walmart @WalmartCanada can you explain why you’re selling “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” shirts on your website? Who approved this?

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Remove these now. You should be ashamed.#BlackLivesMatter

— Beth MacDonnell (@bethmacdonnell) June 23, 2020

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“Like other major online retailers, we operate a marketplace that allows third-party sellers to sell merchandise

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