VP Kamala Harris Touts Vague Deals with Mexico on Migration

VP Kamala Harris Touts Vague Deals with Mexico on Migration

Bilateral cooperation agreements reached between Vice President Kamala Harris and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Tuesday largely ignored the pressing humanitarian crisis at the countries’ mutual border.

Instead, the agreements primarily focused on improving economic conditions in Mexico and addressing the “root causes” of migration from Central America.

The commitments made no mention of tackling the Biden administration’s overwhelmingly welcoming message for migrants that the Mexican president, known as AMLO, and his Salvadoran and Guatemalan counterparts believe is responsible for the border crisis.

The Biden administration has dismissed the concerns from the Latin American leaders who are essential to plugging the historic flow of migrants reaching the U.S.

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Although the Biden administration insists the border is closed to non-essential travel, the new president is releasing illegal migrants into U.S. communities, often with no court dates due to the court backlog.

White House officials released a fact

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