Voter Fraud? St.Louis Residents Receive Strange Notifications

Voter Fraud? St.Louis Residents Receive Strange Notifications

Wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last…..

At least one St.Louis resident has decided to speak out after claiming he received a weird notification that stated someone was registered to vote at his address.

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This wouldn’t be so odd, mistakes happen all the time.

The problem is, that a far left group had been allegedly registering people to vote in the area, and 

we all know how that goes……

So, was all of this just a coincidence? Or something more?

Decide for yourself after reading these reports:

"The report identified five “hot spots” for voter fraud. Four of these were cities with substantial "#black" populations ("#Philadelphia", "#Milwaukee", St. Louis, and Cleveland), plus Seattle, which rounded out a roster of key #Republican swing states.."-Lorraine Minnite #2004

— President_Elect Don_J_Trump (@giantsfan5690) December 27, 2020

I know how voter fraud works, I'm from St. Louis.

— Andrea Katherine (@stl_blonde) February 3,

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