Vladimir Putin Approves Russian Naval Facility in Sudan

Vladimir Putin Approves Russian Naval Facility in Sudan

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday approved the construction of a naval logistics hub on the Red Sea coast of Sudan with the capacity to harbor nuclear vessels, Reuters revealed.

The station, slated for construction near Port Sudan, would potentially house up to 300 Russian naval personnel, plus civilian support staff, and serve primarily as a refueling and resupply station for military ships.

The Sudanese government will reportedly provide the land free of charge and grant Russia the rights to stock any relevant weapons in the facility. Russia is expected to fortify the position with surface-to-air missiles allowing the creation of an effective no-fly zone over the base.

In exchange, the Russian navy agrees to assist Sudan in search-and-rescue operations and support its anti-sabotage operations, the Moscow Times noted.

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The Russian Navy currently maintains only one port outside of the former Soviet Union: the repair and resupply station in Tartus,

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