Virginia boy runs for Nickelodeon's 'Kid of the Year'

Virginia boy runs for Nickelodeon's 'Kid of the Year'

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (AP) – Elijah Lee was only in first grade when the world as he knew it became a much darker place. He was all of 6 years old the day he noticed the bruises on the leg of a classmate. When he innocently asked what happened, if she’d fallen down or somehow hurt herself, the young girl confided in him that her parents, in the midst of a fight, had hit her.

He didn’t quite understand the magnitude of the situation, but it scared him. He did the only thing he knew to do: He told his mom, and he told a teacher.

Elijah’s life changed in that moment.

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Now 12 years old, Elijah is planning his fourth march against child abuse, a small but mighty voice for the many children – like his classmate – who can’t speak up for themselves.

For his efforts, Elijah is among 20 children in the running for the first “Kid

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