Virgil: The Great Reset Continues -- Facebook’s New Imperial Order 

Virgil: The Great Reset Continues — Facebook’s New Imperial Order 

The Facebook Empire

Here’s a recent headline to ponder from the Beltway-buzzy Axios: “The sovereign state of Facebook vs. the world.” 

The sovereign state of Facebook?  

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Did we miss something there?  Did we miss that moment when Facebook became a country and joined the United Nations? 

Axios was exaggerating, of course; Facebook is not a sovereign state (although it does plan to issue its own currency). 

So yes, Facebook is huge and powerful, bidding to be a key partner in what’s become known as The Great Reset, the international reordering of world power, in favor of the powerful. As the article details:

Facebook’s 3 billion monthly active users, its mountain of money and its control over the flow of information all put the company on an equal footing with governments around the world — and, increasingly, it’s getting into fights with them.

Axios continues, “Facebook’s power alarms governments fearful

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