Vile Sunny Hostin: Tim Scott Chosen Because He Is Black

Vile Sunny Hostin: Tim Scott Chosen Because He Is Black

Continuing her smear against black Americans that dare to disagree with her far-left progressive politics, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) was chosen to give the rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s congressional address strictly because he’s black.

At the top, Hostin praised Joe Biden’s speech as presidential, marked by a warm demeanor and “inspirational” tone.

“We haven’t seen that kind of speech in four years. So I was really enamored of that,” she said. “I was also really happy that he called out white supremacy. He clearly said that white supremacy is — our intelligence agencies have determined that white supremacy is terrorizing our country. That is just the truth of it.”

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When it came to Tim Scott, Hostin said he fell back on “buzzwords” and was disappointed he did not condemn America as a “racist country.”

“I was disappointed that he said America is not a racist country without also talking about the systemic racism that is plaguing

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