Video: The Border Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

Video: The Border Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

Unlike the Biden administration, The Daily Wire went to the southern border and saw a full-blown humanitarian crisis unfolding. 

Biden and the Democrats want America to believe that there is nothing dangerous about thousands of migrants crossing our border. We’ve seen what Border Patrol agents described as the most chaotic months they’ve ever experienced, bringing the system — and many of them personally — to the breaking point.

The Biden administration has dubbed the border a “challenge” and refuses to call it what it is — a crisis. 

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We witnessed firsthand the influx of migrants in the area. Children are being ferried over by human traffickers on rafts in the dead of night. Migrants, many of them teens and younger, are packed together behind metal fences, waiting to be relocated to detention centers. Human traffickers cross back and forth over the border with relative ease. 

The border wall is not finished and remains partially open for migrants to traverse easily. 

In March,

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