VIDEO: Texas Man Rescues Dog That Fell into Frozen Pool

VIDEO: Texas Man Rescues Dog That Fell into Frozen Pool

A Texas man rescued his dog Monday after it ran across a frozen pool and fell through the ice, struggling to get out of the water, according to a video.

Dan Holmes, of Southlake, Texas, posted a video of the encounter to his Facebook page showing his dog falling through Holmes’s ice-covered swimming pool and getting stuck.

Luckily, Holmes was close by and swam in the frigid waters to save the day.

The video initially showed Holmes sweeping away snow from his backyard columns while his two dogs played in the background.

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The dogs, Christi and Colbi, hovered around the frozen pool until Christi decided to explore the surface of the ice. When she approached a thinner patch of ice, she fell into the water.

“I was cleaning snow away from the windows when my wife starts screaming all of a sudden, and I turned around and saw Christi hanging

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