Video shows Capitol Police opening barricades for Trump protesters

Video shows Capitol Police opening barricades for Trump protesters

Police in the nation’s Capitol collapsed under the weight of a tidal wave of protesters who stormed the US Capitol Wednesday, causing widespread damage, forcing lawmakers to seek shelter and putting the city on lockdown.

Capitol Police seemed unprepared for the onslaught, at times seeming to even accommodate the protesters.

In one shocking video, police are seen stepping out of the way when a barricade is moved outside the US Capitol building and a crowd of supporters of President Trump flow through.

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The clip, posted on Twitter, shows a handful of Capitol Police officers possibly even moving the metal barricade themselves.

One man seen inside the barricade then urges the crowd, carrying Trump and US flags, forward, the video shows.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” Twitter poster Steve Schmidt wrote in the caption.

“These ‘Officers’ should be suspended while they are investigated,” he wrote. “What a dereliction of duty. If what happened is what I just saw then

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