Video shows aftermath of car crash caused by rogue cicada

Video shows aftermath of car crash caused by rogue cicada

This is one buzzworthy police video.

Cops in Cincinnati released bodycam footage Thursday showing a driver who totaled his Chevrolet Cruze when a “pesky” cicada flew into his face while he was on the road Monday.

“I made a split-second reaction and just ended up totaling the car,” a dejected Vincent Bingham, 20, told The Post on Thursday.

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Police posted footage of the aftermath on Facebook, cracking, “The story of a cicada that caused a driver to crash on Riverside Dr. earlier in the week has been all the buzz both here locally and nationally! The pesky insects aren’t just loud, they have proven to be dangerous!”

The 52-second clip begins with Bingham, sitting on a curb as police and fire officials survey the crash scene and cicadas feverishly flutter in the background.

Vincent Bingham smashed his car into a utility pole after a cicada flew into his face.Cincinnati PD

“You all right, man?” one first responder asks Bingham.

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