VIDEO: Georgia Gov Brian Kemp Booed at Georgia GOP Convention...With “Republicans” Like Kemp, Who Needs Democrats?

VIDEO: Georgia Gov Brian Kemp Booed at Georgia GOP Convention…With “Republicans” Like Kemp, Who Needs Democrats?

Surprisingly, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp showed up at the Republican Convention in Georgia. After his stonewalling and refusal to look into Fulton and Gwinnett County irregularities in the 2020 election, he’s lucky he just got booed by the convention crowd.

Ironically and sadly, Governor Kemp is in charge of the voter integrity initiative within the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA). What are they thinking? He also recently requested that Mike Lindell be barred from attending the RGA conference in Tennessee after Lindell was invited to attend.

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Watch below as the crowd stands and lets him have it:

Why wouldn’t Kemp want a forensic audit into the 2020 election? The Port of Savannah sold to China? Is Kemp more than compromised by his dealings with the CCP?

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