VIDEO: Armed Suspect Drags Man Across McDonald's Floor During Alleged Robbery


A masked burglar was caught on video as he dragged a customer across the floor inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Orange County, Florida, on Tuesday.

Surveillance footage released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department shows one of three suspects as he exits a black BMW when it pulls up outside the restaurant around 4 a.m.

Video footage from inside the building then shows one of the suspects pulling a customer across the restaurant’s floor by his shirt as the other two men go behind the counter.

Deputies said the employees were held at gunpoint inside the freezer and demanded to be told where the money was kept.

The video also shows the thieves opening the safe and removing its contents as the customer lays on his back nearby with his hands raised.

The men place the money into bags and their own pockets and flee before police arrive at the scene.

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