VIDEO: Armed Citizen Shoots Alleged Would-Be Robbers

VIDEO: Armed Citizen Shoots Alleged Would-Be Robbers

An armed citizen in a parking lot near Melrose Avenue and Vista Street in Los Angeles shot two alleged robbers Monday night shortly after 7:00 p.m.

Yahoo reports that a man was talking with two women in a parking lot when a Dodge Avenger pulled up and two would-be robbers exited the vehicle.

The two suspects approached the man and two women and the man responded by pulling a handgun and shooting, wounding both alleged would-be robbers:

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Division notes that the wounded suspects fled but were quickly captured by police. They were identified as 22-year-old Nicholas Brown and 28-year-old Markell Hayes.

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Brown was shot in the thigh and Hayes was shot in the calf.

The driver of the Dodge Avenger fled the scene in his vehicle, eluding capture. He is simply described as a black male.

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