Video: 82-Year-Old Atlanta Man Stops Armed Teen Carjacking Thug

Video: 82-Year-Old Atlanta Man Stops Armed Teen Carjacking Thug

Carjackings in America have recently skyrocketed. The carjackings in D.C. have tripled since this time last year. With the recent murder of a D.C. Uber driver, more attention has been on preventing the frightening crime from happening.

One 82-year-old Atlanta man knows how to prevent a carjacking better than any young whippersnapper. Watch the video below where the man isn’t going to put up with the young carjacking thug.

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Atlanta police are asking for help finding the carjacker who attacked the brave 82-year-old who refused to be a victim.

The surveillance video that was released yesterday shows a teenager waiting at a gas station. He walks up to the older man who was standing at the pump. The two exchanged words, and then the teen pulled out a gun to carjack the older man.

The older man jumped on the teen with the gun, and then he chased the teen across the parking lot before tackling him like a

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