VICTORIA VR Creates a Living, Breathing VR Metaverse on Blockchain

VICTORIA VR Creates a Living, Breathing VR Metaverse on Blockchain

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest-growing markets currently valued at over $6 billion and set to reach $62 billion by the end of 2027. It finds applications in various industries including digital gaming, multimedia, advertising, education and training. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the VR market has registered a great demand for the technology as people across the world continue to work from their homes and opt for digital means of communication and interaction.

VICTORIA VR is a blockchain project that is creating a full-fledged VR ecosystem to meet the evolving industry needs. It is the first Massive Multiplayer Online Open World with photorealistic graphics that is built and owned by the community. Built using the time-tested, open-source Unreal Engine, the VICTORIA VR ecosystem is a metaverse complete with games, decentralized applications, NFTs and other crypto assets.

What are the Benefits of VICTORIA VR?

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–          Photorealistic graphics using real-life photos rendered by the latest Unreal Engine
–          In-built special

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