Vice Rewards Aziz Ansari’s Assault-Alleging Reporter With New Gig


The allegation of “sexual assault” leveled against Aziz Ansari, published last year in the esteemed pages of something called “,” is perhaps best remembered for being poorly reported. Such is the risk of fact-checking national news at brunch, without the guidance of an editor over the age of 25.

Back in January 2018, it was 22 -year-old Katie Way’s name on the byline in question. After a stint at Cannabis Now, Way landed a job with Vice this month.

That Way’s reputation-shattering story on Ansari amounted to reckless journalism is not just my opinion. Writers left and right came close to a rare consensus on this point. Whether they believed the reporting was simply amateur, or the allegations should never have seen the light of day, critics across the great ideological divide panned the story.

Way’s bizarre behavior amid the backlash made it all worse. The childish screed she sent HLN anchor Ashleigh Banfield, swiping at her “bad highlights,”

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