“Very, Very Troubling”...Teachers Union Successfully Lobbied the CDC to Slow Walk Reopening Schools

“Very, Very Troubling”…Teachers Union Successfully Lobbied the CDC to Slow Walk Reopening Schools

Americans have repeatedly been told that it’s “all about the science” with Covid, but apparently, it’s all about the teachers unions when it comes to reopening schools.

Emails obtained by the New York Post via a FOIA request have exposed a cozy relationship between a powerful teachers union, the CDC, and White House officials. It turns out that the American Federation of Teachers put pressure on the CDC to slow down the reopening of in-person classrooms. The AFT lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even suggesting language for school reopenings.

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The pressure and lobbying paid off. In two specific instances, language from the union was adopted verbatim into the final version of the CDC document.

The CDC has been dragging its feet on students returning to school even though there is insignificant Covid risk. It sure looks like the unions have influenced the CDC, and health experts are weighing in:

Dr. Monica Gandhi, a professor of

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