Venezuela Prioritizes 'Social Credit System' VIPs in Vaccine Campaign

Venezuela Prioritizes 'Social Credit System' VIPs in Vaccine Campaign

The socialist regime of Venezuela announced this weekend it had obtained 500,000 doses of “Sputnik V,” a Russian coronavirus vaccine candidate, and began distributing the doses to those registered in the nation’s “Fatherland Card” system first.

The “Fatherland Card” is a government identification system that, according to Reuters, dictator Nicolás Maduro paid Chinese telecommunications company ZTE $70 million to build. Venezuelans must use it to access certain government aid programs, including often-necessary food, fuel, and medical purchases. In addition to tracking citizens’ purchases and economic behavior, the “Fatherland Card” documents their known political stances and activity, creating a detailed record of their identity.

Experts have compared its use to China’s “social credit system,” which assigns every Chinese citizen a numerical score based on how much the Communist Party believes it can trust them. Chinese citizens with low “social credit” scores cannot access basic government services and may find themselves

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