Venezuela Denounces U.S. for 'Crimes Against Humanity', Compares Sanctions to Holocaust


Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship lodged a formal protest against the United States on Thursday at the International Criminal Court (ICC), asking The Hague to formally investigate Washington for “crimes against humanity.”

The International Criminal Court is a legal venue that can find both individuals and nations guilty under universal human rights laws and is typically used to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity such as genocide, or widespread use of torture, rape, forced abortions, sterilization, and other measures to silence minorities or political dissidents.

The Maduro regime, which is not legally in control of Venezuela, is accusing America of crimes against humanity for enacting economic sanctions.

The administration of President Donald Trump has greatly extended sanctions to cover senior members of the Maduro regime and has imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s state-run oil industry and other sources of revenue. The sanctions are a response to egregious human rights crimes committed by

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