Venezuela and Iran Sign Tech Agreement as Iran Boasts Nuclear Deal Violations


Venezuela and Iran signed various “scientific and technological” agreements on Tuesday, days after the latter marked the 40th anniversary of the Iran hostage crisis with fresh violations of the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal.

In a post on Twitter, Venezuelan Minister of Science and Technology Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez announced that “cooperation in education, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and engineering could bring positive results for both countries.”

According to Venezuelan state media, Sorena Sattari, Iranian Vice President of Science and Technology, affirmed his regime’s “willingness to send medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical equipment to Venezuela as they have excellent health technology and their products are both affordable and of good quality in comparison to their rivals.”

Venezuela e Irán firmaron acuerdo para la cooperación científica y tecnológica.

Ministra @Gabrielasjr informa que “la cooperación en educación, nanotecnología, biotecnología, ingeniería, podría ser un buen aliciente para ambos países”.ífica

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