USA Today: Michigan Focus on Vaccine 'Equity' Failed 'People of Color'

USA Today: Michigan Focus on Vaccine 'Equity' Failed 'People of Color'

An analysis by USA Today of vaccine distribution found Michigan’s focus on “equity” based on race and income “left people of color behind.”

The paper analyzed the rollout strategies of two Upper Midwest states:

Michigan and Minnesota both had ample opportunities to push out vaccines through professional health care settings and into the arms of patients. They have essentially the same numbers of hospitals, rural clinics and doctors per capita.

But in the race to put shots in arms, Michigan lost. Its vaccination rate lagged Minnesota’s, exacerbating a late-pandemic spike in cases that killed 2,500 people. The vaccination gap between Minnesota and Michigan was particularly high for older people.

Minnesota distributed vaccine doses to “a wide network of doctor’s offices and hospitals across the state.” Michigan, meanwhile, “steered doses to public health departments that aimed to entice uninsured residents to mass vaccine events” in the name of

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