US and Iran to Hold Nuclear Talks – with One Big Caveat

US and Iran to Hold Nuclear Talks – with One Big Caveat

With European nations playing the role of matchmaker, the delicate diplomatic dance that could re-create the much-maligned nuclear deal with Iran will begin Tuesday in Vienna.

Representatives of the U.S. and Iran are not yet at the level where they can meet in the same room, so the game plan is that each will meet in isolation, with European nations who want to avoid being in the middle of a spat between the two trying to mend fences by acting as go-betweens, according to Axios.

During his years as vice president in the Obama administration, President Joe Biden became the administration’s chief salesman for the 2015 deal domestically and a strong proponent of it as a vehicle for international peace.

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Former President Donald Trump denounced the deal as “defective at its core” and withdrew the United States from it, preferring to confront Iran with sanctions.

“It is clear to me that

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