US Agencies Announce Plan To Distribute Free Coronavirus Vaccines

US Agencies Announce Plan To Distribute Free Coronavirus Vaccines

Government agencies released a comprehensive distribution plan Wednesday that would make a coronavirus vaccine free of charge to all Americans, should one become available.

Federal agencies and the Department of Defense presented the plan in a report to Congress coupled with a “playbook” for states and municipalities, the Associated Press reported. The plan outlined distribution plans that would begin late this year and eventually reach every American electing to receive the vaccine.

The plan is “much larger in scope and complexity than seasonal influenza or other previous outbreak-related vaccination responses,” the playbook says. The campaign also comes as public confidence in a vaccine has declined throughout the summer, polls show. (RELATED: Pharmaceutical Companies Sign Joint Pledge Promising A Safe Coronavirus Vaccine)

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The plan indicates that Americans will need two doses taken three to four weeks apart, and that the two doses must come from the same pharmaceutical company, implying that there may be several different vaccines available.

It also says that vaccinating against COVID-19 will take months at least, and that health care and essential workers and vulnerable populations will be prioritized. Only in the second and third phases would vaccination expand to the majority of Americans, according to

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