Up 138% in one week, is Filecoin bound for a crash?

Up 138% in one week, is Filecoin bound for a crash?

After a rough start, Filecoin has managed to break into the top 10 leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. After overtaking Chainlink (LINK) and Theta Network (THETA), with a rally of 138% in one week and 418% in one month, FIL took over the tenth position.

Founded by Juan Benet, creator of the InterPlanetary Files System (IPFS), and developed by Protocol Labs after receiving $257 million in its Initial Coin Offering, the platform has managed to attract a lot of attention in China, as journalist Colin Wu reports.

Data shared by Wu indicates that FIL has seen a 30% increase in its trading volume for the last 24 hours on Huobi’s platform. The cryptocurrency has managed to reach a new all-time high based on increased buying pressure and demand for the cryptocurrency.

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The daily trading volume stood at $24.2 billion. In contrast, the daily trading volume for Ethereum stood at $8.8 billion and $7.8 billion for Bitcoin. The rapid increase

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