‘Under Siege’ Calls All Happy Warriors To Rise

‘Under Siege’ Calls All Happy Warriors To Rise

It’s easy for cultural conservatives to become jaded in today’s world. Despite all the efforts to fight the tides of progressive secularism and radical leftism, every institution, including many mainline churches, have succumbed. Consequently, younger generations have rejected the faith of the fathers, the political and moral wisdom of their predecessors, and even their own biology.

Austin Ruse, a man who entered the fray long ago and continues to fight, hopes to galvanize his side to keep fighting with his newest book Under Siege: No Finer time to Be a Faithful Catholic. Based on a speech he gave to various Catholic groups, Ruse’s book acknowledges the many challenges facing Christians and conservatives today and offers a path forward.

Hoping to reach a general audience, Ruse keeps his argument simple and clear: First, he reviews the many problems plaguing the developed world. Second, he discusses the causes for these problems and offers context. Finally, he makes a call to action

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