Ukraine's Zelensky 'Unpleasantly Surprised,' 'Disappointed' by Biden Pro-Putin Policies

Ukraine's Zelensky 'Unpleasantly Surprised,' 'Disappointed' by Biden Pro-Putin Policies

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared to accuse President Joe Biden of deceiving him into thinking the White House would oppose Russia’s lucrative and highly strategic Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe, telling Axios in an interview published Sunday he was “unpleasantly surprised” when Biden did nothing to stop it.

Zelensky described Nord Stream 2 – a proposed natural gas pipeline that will make the European Union more dependent on Russian fuel while boosting leader Vladimir Putin’s economy – as a “weapon in the hands of the Russian Federation” and argued that it was “not very understandable” for the United States not to express concern or attempt to block its allies from allowing Russia greater influence in the West. The remarks were published in English by the Washington-based media outlet Axios, which received an exclusive interview with Zelensky on Sunday.

Under President Donald Trump, routinely maligned by the American left

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