UK woman gives birth to ‘super twins’ conceived three weeks apart

UK woman gives birth to ‘super twins’ conceived three weeks apart

A British woman has delivered two babies at the same time — who were conceived three weeks apart, according to new reports.

Rebecca Roberts, 39, was already pregnant with her son, Noah, when she conceived her daughter, Rosalie, the Independent reported.

“We feel really lucky. It’s so lucky to have twins anyway but to have such special twins, it’s so lovely, it’s wonderful, they are a blessing,” Roberts told the outlet.

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Roberts said that she and her husband, Rhys, had gone to a fertility clinic in Bath, England, to get a drug to help with ovulation.

“On my first cycle on that drug we became pregnant,” she told CBS News.

It wasn’t until the 12-week scan for her first baby that she was expecting two children.

“I had just been having a conversation with the sonographer about my previous scan so she was aware that I was only having one baby so she was so silent. I thought something awful

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