UK: Police 'Did Nothing' as Alleged Kurdish Rape Gang Abused Girl, Court Hears


Police “did nothing” as a mostly Kurdish alleged rape gang is said to have sexually exploited and “forcibly raped” a girl from the age of 14 in Sheffield, according to prosecutors.

Sheffield Crown Court was told that the underage girl “fell into the clutches of [the alleged gang] and others who abused and exploited her” after her mother died and she was taken into care, according to a court report buried in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire sub-section of the England sub-section of the BBC News website.

“She may as well have had a target on her back as far as those who were criminally-minded were concerned,” prosecutor Peter Hampton told the court.

But when she approached South Yorkshire Police for help in 2011, aged 15, “she found no effective action was taken to stop it,” Hampton said.

The prosecutor told jurors “no crime was recorded by the force and no investigation, in reality,

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