UK billionaire rips affirmative action, says BLM caused ‘more bigotry’

UK billionaire rips affirmative action, says BLM caused ‘more bigotry’

A British billionaire businessman has ripped affirmative action as being “dangerous for society” — and suggested that the Black Lives Matter movement may have created “more bigotry.”

“I’m not very keen on unbalancing society by having quotas,” John Caudwell, the founder of the UK chain of cellphone stores, Phones 4u, told The Times of London.

“I always think the best person should win, whether they’re black, white, male or female,” said Caudwell, who is estimated to be worth $3.1 billion and claims to be the UK’s biggest taxpayer.

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“I don’t like positive discrimination … I think positive discrimination is dangerous for society,” he told the Times Education Commission, a year-long study into whether radical change is needed in UK education.

“It leads to resentment and I’ve witnessed that a lot.

“Did Black Lives Matter improve the cause of black people, or did it cause more resentment and more bigotry? That’s a good debate to have,” he insisted.

John Cauldwell

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