Uganda Be Kidding Me!! Twitter’s Hypocrisy Is Simply Amazing!! [VIDEO]

Uganda Be Kidding Me!! Twitter’s Hypocrisy Is Simply Amazing!! [VIDEO]

The Twitter Public Policy team criticized Uganda for blocking access to social media sites ahead of the country’s Jan. 14 election.   This criticism is interesting coming from Twitter considering their recent large-scale purge of U.S. users, including President Donald Trump himself less than one week ago.


Tucker Carlson called out Twitter’s hypocrisy, as they brazenly de-platformed conservatives, then reminds Uganda that censorship is bad in the video below.

Even in the midst of Twitter’s censorship disaster, there have been flashes of comedy—and we’re grateful for every one of them. We got one Tuesday in the form of a statement from a group called the Global Public Policy team at Twitter.

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Now, you may have thought Twitter was just a social media company run by some bearded, ethereal pothead in downtown San Francisco, but not anymore. While you were sleeping, Twitter got bigger than you ever imagined it could. Twitter is now an independent nation-state with its own National Security Council, an

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