UC Berkeley Spends $25 Million A Year On ‘Diversity And Inclusion’

UC Berkeley Spends $25 Million A Year On ‘Diversity And Inclusion’

The University of California-Berkeley, which costs upwards of $40,000 a year for those living on-campus, spends $25 million a year just on its employees in charge of promoting “diversity and inclusion.”

The College Fix reported that the school “employs 150 professionals and 250 additional students dedicated to addressing ‘systemic inequities,’” according to a document the outlet obtained. These employees work for the school’s Division of Equity and Inclusion, which spends $25 million a year on its workers and programs.

These programs, according to the document, include “staff diversity formal collaborations with People & Culture, the Othering & Belonging Institute, the American Cultures Engaged Community teaching program, the Basic Needs Center, and other programs serving a broad array of constituencies.”

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The document obtained by the Fix was an eight-page job description for the position of Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion. The document also notes that 58% of the $25 million for the department comes from taxpayers and tuition, which they refer to

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