U.S. Grads to Gain as Foreign College Workers Stay Away

U.S. Grads to Gain as Foreign College Workers Stay Away

The number of foreigners registering at U.S. universities to get work permits is falling quickly, likely opening up many Fortune 500 jobs for American graduates.

The good news means that “30,000 additional slots have just opened up for Americans, maybe as many as 60,000,” said Kevin Lynn, the director of U.S. Tech Workers, a group that champions the workplace interests of American professionals.

The news for U.S. graduates was revealed by a survey of 700 colleges which reported mid-November that “New international student enrollment in the United States and online outside the United States has decreased by 43 percent in Fall 2020 … [and]  new enrollment of international students physically in the United States declined by 72 percent.” The report was posted by the International Education Exchange, a government-backed group that tracks the inflow of foreign students into U.S. universities.

The decline in new foreign students suggests that many fewer

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