U.S. Air-Force Base In Ohio Pushing Leftist Propaganda As ‘Diversity’

U.S. Air-Force Base In Ohio Pushing Leftist Propaganda As ‘Diversity’

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside of Dayton, Ohio is using its “Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter” to push leftist propaganda on its members and the civilians who contract with the base.

Despite the U.S. military’s pledge to be non-partisan, the Wright-Patterson propaganda newsletters first began last year, shortly after the death of George Floyd, and have been consistently delivered into the inboxes of hundreds of people affiliated with the air force base. In the first 2021 quarter edition obtained by The Federalist, the base’s diversity and inclusion executive board praised President Joe Biden for reinstating critical race theory in federal agency training.

“The recension of Executive Order 13950 brings renewed promise and excitement for the Training subcommittee,” the newsletter states. “They can now forge ahead with offering training for leaders and the whole PK workforce. Training, lectures, and seminars on workplace culture; racial and gender equality; equity in leadership, and flexibility in the workplace all

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