U. of Michigan Dearborn 'Sincerely Regrets' 'Non-POC' and 'BIPOC' Events

U. of Michigan Dearborn 'Sincerely Regrets' 'Non-POC' and 'BIPOC' Events

The University of Michigan Dearborn, which hosted two racially segregated events on Tuesday — one for “non-POC,” and another for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) students — says that it “sincerely regrets” having done so, adding that future events will be “messaged more accurately.”

“The university will continue to hold conversations and dialogue about race and other issues impacting our region, state, country and world as we have in the past,” said a university spokesperson to Breitbart News. “The discussions will be messaged more accurately and reflective of the inclusive nature of our campus.”

The university fell under scrutiny after hosting two racially segregated events, one for “non-POC” individuals, and another for “BIPOC” students.

While the two events were both racially segregated, social media users took to Twitter to express their dismay primarily over just one of the events — dedicated to the “non-POC” individuals.

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