Tyler Perry Stuns Oscars With Powerful Rebuke Of Hate

Tyler Perry Stuns Oscars With Powerful Rebuke Of Hate

During a predictably leftist Academy Awards broadcast Sunday evening, one speech stood out amidst the virtue-signaling for its moving and refreshingly important message. In his acceptance speech for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, Tyler Perry gave a powerful rebuke against hate and a plea for understanding between Americans on all sides of the ideological spectrum.

Perry opened with a memory of helping a homeless woman who asked him for shoes. Recalling his own experiences with homelessness, he brought her into the film set he was working on at the time, and gave her shoes from the costume department.

He described the situation, “She finally looks up and she’s got tears in her eyes. She says: ‘Thank you Jesus. My feet are off the ground.’ In that moment I recall her saying to me, ‘I thought you would hate me for asking’ but how could I hate you when I used to be you?”

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He then connected this memory to

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