Two Migrants Found Dead in Arizona Desert near Border

Two Migrants Found Dead in Arizona Desert near Border

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents recovered the bodies of two migrants who succumbed to the heat of the Arizona desert after being smuggled across the border from Mexico. One of the migrants died this week, while the second had been dead for two weeks.

Yuma Sector agents assigned to the Foreign Operations Branch on June 1 received a call from Mexican officials about a 911 call reporting a distressed group of migrants who became distressed from the heat after illegally crossing the border into southwest Arizona, according to information provided by Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials. Mexican officials advised that one of the females in the group collapsed and died from the heat.

The agents initiated an immediate search and rescue operation to locate the migrants in the Yuma foothills. CBP Air and Marine Operations Yuma Air Interdiction agents responded to the area and discovered the group a

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