Two Dead, Seven Injured As Barrett Confirmation Hearings Begin [Satire]

Two Dead, Seven Injured As Barrett Confirmation Hearings Begin [Satire]

Smoking hot judge Amy Coney Barrett faced the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday as her confirmation hearings began, leaving two dead and seven injured.

Republicans argued that Barrett is a brilliant legal scholar, and an unusually decent human being as well as being cute as a button.

Democrats, on the other hand, said Barrett is a hellhound of toxic evil who will destroy Obamacare so that little Timmy will die a slow and agonizing death and, in fact, here’s a picture of little Timmy dying the slow and agonizing death that he will die if Barrett is confirmed, plus she has too many children and believes in some invisible Father figure in the sky who won’t let you have an abortion so that babies will be popping out of people left and right causing climate change that will destroy the world and Amy Coney Barrett will laugh and laugh her evil laugh as cities burn from the death-dealing sunlight while

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