TWO BIDENS? 12 Differences Highlighted In Deeper Analysis…

TWO BIDENS? 12 Differences Highlighted In Deeper Analysis…

Are there TWO Joe Bidens?

A Biden and a Bidan?

The real Biden and an actor?  Or a double?  Or a clone?

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I don’t want to get too far off into woo-woo world, but you have to admit the current Biden looks VERY different from the Biden of 10 years ago.

And not just “10 years older” either.

He actually looks in many ways better.  Softer, cleaned up, and oddly enough less “evil” on the “face” of it anyway.

Take a look at this video:

— Daniel Lee (@dnajlion7) March 31, 2021

If you’re having trouble seeing that, you can watch it here on Rumble:

After I posted that video a reader named Katherine (full name withheld for privacy) sent me an email with 12 differences she noted when studying the videos and photos.

I thought it was so astute I had to share it with you.

So with all credit to Katherine, read this:

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