Twitter User “Clandestine” Posts White Hat Epstein Theory


I’m passing this along because I found it interesting.

This is 100% speculation and pure theory, posted by Twitter user @RodSneaky and going by the name “Clandestine”. 

It’s not necessarily my opinion, but I did find it interesting so I thought you should see it.  

So here we go, I’ll just let you read it:

2) You all think that the highest of high profile prisoner, indicted on child sex trafficking, with disturbing dirt on the Clintons and deep state politicians, is being held without 24/7 surveillance?

You think he is given the tools and freedom to commit suicide?


— Clandestine (@RodSneaky) August 10, 2019

4) Look at how much this benefits us.

Firstly, “We have it all”. The man is already indicted. The intel all gathered. The island seized. The victims interviewed. The tunnels cleansed. This doesn’t stop those involved from being prosecuted.

The investigation already happened.

— Clandestine (@RodSneaky) August 10,

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