Twitter To Add New Labels To Curb Spread Of Voting Misinformation

Twitter To Add New Labels To Curb Spread Of Voting Misinformation

Twitter said Friday that it will apply new labels identifying misleading from political candidates and campaign accounts to limit the spread of voting misinformation.

The social media platform’s new features are meant to flag posts from politicians who prematurely claim victory, NBC reported. The labels will be placed on false information put out by politicians or U.S. accounts with more than 100,000 followers according to a statement from Twitter.

“People on Twitter, including candidates for office, may not claim an election win before it is authoritatively called,” Twitter’s statement said. “To determine the results of an election in the US, we require either an announcement from state election officials, or a public projection from at least two authoritative, national news outlets that make independent election calls.”

NEW: Twitter announces changes it asserts will make it more difficult to view misleading information about voting.

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— NBC News (@NBCNews) October 9, 2020

Twitter also said it could remove Tweets meant to impede the electoral process or lead to violent actions.

“Tweets meant to incite interference with the election process or with the implementation of election results, such as through violent action, will be subject to removal.

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