Twitter down; users get 'over capacity' error message

Twitter down; users get 'over capacity' error message

A day after censoring a New York Post story critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden, Twitter crashed Thursday afternoon.

When trying to post messages or even just refresh their feeds for a period before 6 p.m. EDT, people would get an “over capacity” error message or an “oops, something went wrong” one.

Twitter’s accounts on both Instagram and Facebook had no immediate explanation.

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Both Twitter’s own app and such third-party apps as Echofon also were not loading tweets or telling users that their Notifications or Feeds were empty.

According to commenters at the site, Twitter was down worldwide as individuals in Mexico, Russia and the Middle East all said it wasn’t working in their countries.

Some people there did find humor in the juxtaposition of the previous day’s censorship feud with conservatives.

“Twitter servers are backlogged as they try to scrub the system of all the old posts they allowed about an ‘unverified and salacious’ Russian

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