Twitter Censors Conservative Activist for 'Harassing' Pedophiles

Twitter Censors Conservative Activist for 'Harassing' Pedophiles

Twitter locked conservative activist CJ Pearson out of his account yesterday, forcing him to delete a tweet that the company says violated its “abuse and harassment” policies. The tweet attacked pedophiles.

“Every pedophile in America should be castrated,” said Pearson, who was promptly locked out of his account.

A Twitter spokeswoman told Breitbart News that the tweet violated the platform’s policies against “abuse and harassment,” meaning Pearson would have to delete the tweet before regaining access to his profile.

Twitter moves @thecjpearson one step closer to permanent suspension—they locked his account this morning for stating a policy position.

— Ali Alexander “Ali Bomaye” (@ali) September 15, 2020

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“After condemning child predators, Twitter gave me the boot,” said Pearson upon returning to Twitter.

“I refuse to change my political stances for Twitter and I will  never cave to the mob.”

CJ Pearson, a black Gen-Z conservative, is the

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